Living in Faith: Daily Prayer – 19 April 2019


Welcome to today’s Daily Prayer! Today as we gaze at the Bread broken on the Cross, let us bring all the breadless and all the broken to the feet of the Cross to give them nourishment and wholeness. Lord Jesus as we stand by the Cross, grant us grace to understand the broken ones and the crucified ones all over the world in different ways. May your Cross give us courage to be with them and speak for them. Amen.

Living in Faith Daily Prayer is based on the Gospel Readings and Daily Saints to help you connect with God better.

Living in Faith is India’s first and only monthly Catholic Family Companion Magazine for praying and living the Eucharist. The brand, new periodical provides a wide variety of resources to nourish your daily spiritual life, and helping you live in the richness of Catholic way of life. Living in Faith is a wonderful daily companion for developing a scripturally-grounded, Eucharist-centered spirituality that you can share with others.

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