The spring 1997 Nautica collection has been released with a stylish show in New York.

Designer David Chu revealed in his collection a mix of high-performance design, classic sportswear and tailored clothing.

Contemporary style was the order of the day in the Nautica spring 1997 collection released on the catwalks of New York.

Fashion designer David Chu’s first collection showed the classic tailored looked, softened with pastel shades and khaki.

The latest fabric design used was a unique bi-stretch wool and lycra weave to give more functionality — especially for the travel conscious man.

The first collection is what I call is more dress elegance and what I do is using fabrics that are more tailored and we are also doing a whole complete clothing collection so I have used some cool summer travel cool wools in tonal shades of khaki as well as white and as well using some stretch cool wool to give more functionality and really it is a bi-stretch material and it is very easy to travel with and it right for today’s man.
SUPER CAPTION: David Chu, designer

This year’s collection also threw in some bold designs — high tech colours and a lot of new easy-to-wear fabrics.

As David Chu says, the look is functional and performance driven.

And the second group that I have also developed, you know it is called competition, the Nautica competition collection which we launched a couple of seasons ago. It is getting a tremendous amount of momentum and what you are going to see today in the show, its a combination of a lot of new fabrics, new silhouettes and some really high tech colours. Its a very, very functional, performance driven collection.
SUPER CAPTION: David Chu, Designer

And the casual note — combining blue with khaki, whites and light shades of yellows.

A modern style with a military influence.

And the third idea that has continued to develop is our casual collection. I’ve used a lot of, more of a military influence and some functional details as well as combine more silhouette in some of these ideas and using some ice-blue colours, light shades of yellows as well as some khakis mixed with whites is one of our casual attitude and together what make three different distinctive look for almost any purpose of his lifestyle.
SUPER CAPTION: David Chu, Fashion Designer

Chu’s collection mixed basic combinations with current fashion themes — military looks, strong colour and bold minimalism giving the fashion conscious male three distinctive but versatile looks.

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