An Evening with Rupert Sheldrake on Science and Spirituality – Part 2 of 4


An Evening with Rupert Sheldrake on Science and Spirituality: Reuniting science and spirituality for the wellbeing of people and planet

Recorded on 21st November 2019

Are science and spirituality compatible? Are we on the threshold of a new understanding of their relationship?

Science and spirituality play hugely important roles in how we understand and engage with the experiences of life. However, scientific materialism has made it increasingly difficult for people to accept the ‘blind faith’ of many religions, or to believe in supernatural or spiritual realms.

Many of the world’s wisdom traditions, on the other hand, embrace the reality and power of non-material realms. And new scientific initiatives, which explore mind – body links, such as the neuroscience of meditation and its effects on wellbeing, are beginning to open new perspectives on reality.

A short introductory talk by the Fintry Trust will reveal some ancient scientific conceptions of reality, which differentiate between the ‘Above and the Below’, and which lay the foundations for a more holistic world view.

Rupert Sheldrake will then explore themes from his recent books: Ways to Go Beyond: Spiritual Practices in a Scientific Age, & Science and Spiritual Practices Reconnecting through Direct Experiences, followed by questions.

The evening was hosted by the Fintry Trust with the Arnos Vale Trust at Arnos Vale Anglican Chapel, Bristol.

Rupert Sheldrake is a renowned scientist and author

The Fintry Trust is an Educational Charity Dedicated to Integral Wisdom

Arnos Vale Anglican Chapel Bristol is a magnificent Grade II Listed Venue



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