Global National: Oct. 24, 2020 | US coronavirus cases spike in final days of presidential election


On this episode of Global National: The U.S. presidential election will be taking place on Nov. 3, and the COVID-19 pandemic is still the core issue of the presidential campaign. As Jennifer Johnson reports, the situation is expected to get much worse.

Plus, more than 56 million Americans have cast ballots with just 10 days to go until polls close. Mike Armstrong looks at the pros and cons of the now popular mail-in system.

And the Canadian federal government is facing pressure to intervene in two separate disputes over Indigenous rights in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Mike Drolet digs into the history of the issues, and the efforts to end them.

Saturday marks election night for British Columbia. Voters in B.C. cast their ballots in a snap election that was called a year early by the minority NDP government. Keith Baldrey looks at how the pandemic played into the election.

Also, a professional soccer player is pushing the British government to provide better food security for hungry kids, as parents feel the added pressure to fork out during the pandemic. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

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