Alexis Dornier’s Bond House is a Pleasurable Sight For Sore Eyes


Designed through the interplay of intersecting elements brought together to shape plane-fields, the Bond house by Alexis Dornier represents a “junction that unifies elements traveling in all directions.” Prioritizing uninterrupted views of the lush natural surroundings, the Bond house is dominated by an expansive pool area, which splits the axis of the house into two distinct living spaces.

Framed by sculptural spiral staircases which connect the pool area to a vast roof terrace, the residence is bordered by an endless array of local rice fields. Showcasing two living rooms wrapped by a curtain wall façade, the Bond house is strategically populated by a selection of remarkable furniture, with wooden ceilings and a professional kitchen – all set in place to enhance its aura of immense luxury.

Home to five bedrooms, each with personal access to each of the living rooms through voids that hold stairways, and to the outside world – the Bond house is characterised by its distinct incorporation of green hued Sukabumi stone, which is only found in Indonesia and named after the Sukabumi regency where it was originally discovered. Alexis Dornier describes the use of these stones as, “the conceptual fossilization of the jungle, (which) defines all hard surfaces.”

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