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Asking your Spirit Guides for help? Communicating with your Ancestors? Wanting to see a loved one’s blessing? In this post, we discuss the fundamental steps of how to communicate with The Spirit World – 

Whenever I have a question to ask the Universe, when the thing still feels like it needs answers regardless of whom I’ve asked, this is when I go to Spirit for tuning in.

When asking Spirit for an answer, for a sign, for a message that something is out there, it first helps to clear a space to connect and then, open up the veil, and you step in. 

At times, communicating with Spirit can feel like you are merely clearing energy and everything away, to explore what’s right, at that moment. 

Through the Law of Reflection, Spirit usually does return a message when you ask, sometimes through feeling, sometimes through a vision, or a sudden thought, sometimes a knowing. 

When you connect, you often receive an answer to a question you have. Any genuine connection is somewhat a call and a response. With each type of request, you seem to get a new response – this is what keeps connecting with Spirit engaging.

I’ve found there is a pattern of steps for communicating with Spirits that tends to work pretty much every time. Sometimes, I think environmental conditions, inside or out, play a role in the small percentage of times connecting feels cloudy. 

Because most people will find their answers to their questions when connecting, I want to go over the basic steps of communicating with spirits.

My only disclaimer before we begin is that you may surprise yourself with what you are capable of when you try this activity.

If you still feel cloudy after trying the steps below, at the end of this piece are a few steps to assist.

Without further ado, to communicate with spirits in your home, on a cliffside, or anywhere you feel safe, below are my steps for connecting – 

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