China continues to build "fake" streets in Japanese style | China news


China continues to build “fake” streets in Japanese style.
A street replica that is identical to the Japanese street that has just been formed in Foshan, China, attracts the attention of public opinion.

China is famous for building many buildings, works that are modeled after landmarks around the world, from “parody” city of Paris, replica of Manhattan (New York, USA), to the throne. The most beautiful village in Austria Hallsatt …

Most recently, a street in Foshan city, Guangdong province, this country attracts public attention when it is simulating “ichibangai” – busy shopping streets in Japanese style.

The new street, named Ichiban, has not been officially opened yet, but local tourists have been visiting since mid-September and continuously sharing pictures on social media platforms.

With a length of about 100 meters, many details on Ichiban Street are “imitated” exactly like the originals, from neon signs with sailor-moon characters, to the style of restaurants and bars. Sora News 24 describes “it is a combination of Kabukicho in Tokyo, Hong Kong with Namba entertainment shopping district in Osaka”.

According to the South China Morning Post, even the traffic lights and street signs are simulated as those used in Japan. There is a fake bus stop on campus, like the junction between line 87 from Shibuya Station to Tamachi Station in Tokyo.

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