8 Ways To Slow Down — Amanda Linette Meder


Simply ask internally, “What is the most important thing?” for the following day and write down the top three things. 

This can promote feelings of organization and accomplishment, especially when you can get at least a few of those items accomplished. 

It’s easy to give yourself ten or eleven to do the following day. But it’s often recommended by Spirit to have the most essential top three, and then if you get some of the other things done, great. 


Have Patience With Others When Missing A Timed Event

We are all trying to accomplish the same version of things but in different ways. 

In readings, everyone wants: 

  • Positive purpose

  • Money

  • Health

  • A happy intimate relationship and home life

  • A connection to something larger than themselves, usually intuition, Spirit, or some other concept of how the Universe works 

I find that every season of life, people seem to tunnel focus on one or the other, moving around the wheel year after year, perfecting the sculpture each year.

But in the end, we are all attempting all of these all the time. 

When you are compassionate with someone who feels late at achieving one of the above five, know it may not be their focus that year, but that doesn’t mean their current priority for is less pressing.

Being more easy with deadlines, everyone else lightens up, softening the energy around all. As tension is released, all generally feel safer and more in rhythm with each other. 

In the Spirit World, delays happen all the time, things also speed up, and most of us are just riding with it. 


Focus Your Goals And Outsource Specific Guidance

Think of the two to three most important areas in your life you want to improve at this moment.

For most of us, focusing on a few areas of life where we want to feel more organized promotes the feeling of accomplishment. And if you have your balls in too many areas, it is natural to feel scattered. 

Once you know the two to three areas, find a physical counselor or a digital one in these areas and specifically be willing to accept ways to grow. 

You can also ask Spirit where to look for physical guidance in meditation or prayer. 

Ask first thing in the morning, what can I do to improve X? 

See what comes through. The guidance may not always be exactly what you thought, so keep an open mind.

Pay attention to ideas that come around more than once; these can direct your way for what areas need your love and areas you can direct to specialists if needed.


filter Incoming Tips And Advice

Sometimes it helps to have tunnel vision.

You put to work everything you learned in the previous absorption period. If you are working on a project, or feeling scattered, at times, it can be supportive to limit the amount of external advice you take in. 

Focusing on what guidance you take in can release feelings of spinning your wheels since you’ll be moving towards what you’re interested in pursuing in this part of your path. 

Focusing on one tip at a time, implementing it, then going to the well to drink for more. 

For example, if you just went to several conferences, apply what you learned. Then maybe schedule your next conference, six months after you already worked on whatever you gathered from the last period. 

Swallowing what you’ve bitten off, intellectually, before getting more advice, can help you feel like time is moving at a slower pace, yet you are usually getting more done. So if you have been taking a lot of advice lately, know it’s sometimes okay to block it out. 

If Spirit, the Universe, truly has a message for you, they will get it to you. They will be persistent, so as long as you maintain your connection through daily, weekly, or even monthly meditations, you’re very likely to be right on track with your soul’s path. 

So to recap, eight tips for slowing down are

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