71 Best Home Decor Picks Under $500 for Men

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Get a well-designed home you can be proud of – on a budget no one will believe.

When you think about it, how we lay out our home is a lot like our personal style.

It’s tied closely to our personal identity. It’s the first thing people see when they come into our home. Like it or not, how (or if) we decorate our home communicates social signals to other people.

And, generally speaking, most of the stuff we come across is way, way too expensive for a majority of us.

Actually, how you decorate your place is exactly like your personal style.

Just like how we believe having great style is based on the final result and not how much you paid for something, having an intentional apartment that you’re proud of doesn’t have to be expensive either.

That’s why we’ve scoured all of the best affordable home decor stores to create this giant list of items to outfit your place with – all of it under $500.

Hover over the images and pin them to a Pinterest mood board to plan your perfect Intentional Apartment.

Chairs & Seating

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Lamps & Lighting

Tables & Side Tables


Wood and Metal Desk, $180
mid century desk
Glass Top Mid-Century Desk, $185



mid century planter
Mid-century Planter with Iron Stand, $72
Tired of killing all of your plants? You’re going to want to read this.


wood bookcase
Wood & Metal Bookcase, $306
wall shelf ikea
Wall Shelf, $12.49
Wall Mounted Cabinet, $315
Leaning Bookcase, $399

Coffee Tables


ikea art
Frames & Art, Set of 8, $39
ceramic pot
Ceramic Pot, $22

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