6 Red Flags That He’s a Player [AVOID THESE MEN]


I’m willing to bet you’ve met a player or two in your time.

Maybe he strung you along, making you feel like he wanted more than just sex…but then ghosted when you got serious.

Maybe he made you feel like you were the only woman for him…but then you found out he was seeing—and sleeping with—multiple other women.

Whatever he did to prove he’s a player, you want to learn from that so you don’t fall victim to another one.

Dating a player is an utter waste of your time. But until you can identify red flags that he’s a player, you may end up dating a guy you don’t realize is just out to break your heart.

It’s not always obvious that he’s a player. The guy might be ultra smooth…but then again, he might come off as a geeky, awkward guy and still be a player.

Pay attention to the warning signs in this video, but also trust your gut. If you feel like a man is a player, you’re probably right. Move on. You’ll never change his mind.

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P.S. Little Love Step #4 in the Love Accelerator is all about qualifying your dating options. This is going to be key in determining whether a man is interested in playing you…or if he’s a real option for love. Discover the 7 little love steps here.

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