5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration From Fear To Love — Amanda Linette Meder


#1 Incorporate High Vibration Crystals

All crystals hold and give off a small number of electric charges through various effects, such as the piezoelectric effect or the van der Waals force. 

While these emissions can be small, they can be palpable by some. Especially with larger stones, or when some stones are heated or held. 

Crystals for raising your vibration are usually those that are translucent to semi-translucent. Translucent crystals are known to absorb any energy holding you back, and vibration raising stones are often light in color.

Think Selenite (pictured above as the rod), Herkimer Diamond and Moonstone. 

Darker translucent stones that are known to be both positive and ground, such as Carnelian, can also raise your vibration. So can stones that are high in metallic content, due to their larger energy holding and transmitting abilities. 

The best crystals to raise your vibration are ones that when you hold it or gaze at it, it soothes and calms you, or puts a smile on your face. 

Pick up a crystal. Which one soothes or relaxes you upon it being in your energy field or gaze? Which ones make you smile or giddy? 

If a crystal soothes you or adds joy to your heart, this crystal can raise your vibration.

You can incorporate crystals into your life by wearing them, putting them in your pocket or bra, or placing them in and near high traffic areas of your home, such as work or sleep spaces. 

In The Member Center I have an article on how to place crystals in your home, titled Crystal Gridding – How To Optimize Your Space for more information.

#2 Use Peaceful Oracle Decks

The words, imagery, and tone of the energy we take in can impact our energy fields. 

Words travel on wavelengths when spoken, and each wavelength has a pitch that can register a particular emotion or mood in the heart. 

When seeking daily inspiration, if you use a divination deck, I highly recommend choosing a totally peaceful one, free from any tower, death, or hardship cards. 

Usually, peaceful decks are those that include more animal, earth, and plant symbolism.

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