5 Signs You Have A Dolphin Spirit Guide — Amanda Linette Meder


1. You’re drawn to blues, grays, and aqua colors

Oceanic colors calling your name? Have you been dressing in the shades of the ocean? 

Anytime a person starts shifting their wardrobe to a specific color palette, this can be a sign they have a new Spirit Guide watching over them. 

Dolphin Spirit Guides can show themselves by guiding those they watch over to pick out colors that represent them.

They will also guide people to accent colors for the ocean sunset, or colors of the sand or shells. If you’ve been dressing or picking out designs lately in ocean patterns, this can be a sign you have a Dolphin Spirit Guide.

2. You are drawn to go with the flow and flowy lifestyles

Whenever you have a chance to go back and be yourself, you always return to a semi-state of flowing with the movement of the waves. 

Think of when you are allowed to be yourself. Are you carefree? Do you desire to go with the flow?  

If you’ve been drawn to flowy clothes, going with the flow, and simply playing in the playground that is Earth lately, this is a sign a Dolphin Spirit Guide may be with you. 

Dolphin Spirit Guides go where and amongst those where it feels safe. So if you are attempting to flow where it’s best for you, this is a sign you are being guided by a Dolphin Spirit Guide.

3. You’ve been feeling more like playing

Dolphins live in schools where they will often play with other dolphins, sometimes using tools for play, or socializing with other members of their community, to up their level of playfulness. 

Have you been using plant medicine to enhance play? Have you noticed yourself engaging or wanting to engage in more playful activities? 

If you notice that your soul is more geared towards play, this is a sign that a Dolphin Spirit Guide is guiding you back to a more loving, light-hearted lifestyle.

4. You’re using sound and vibrational waves to communicate more

Dolphins share a collective consciousness and communicate with other beings, including humans, with the waves they send out either by the heart rhythm or by their thoughts. 

When you’re picking up on the vibrational signals sent by others and using it to guide you, this is a sign of Dolphin Energy. For example, if you can sense someone’s energy field, or how they feel before they tell you, then you are using waves to communicate. 

If you’re using clairsentience to guide you more than you are using the words of others, you are connecting with Dolphin Spirit Guide energy. 

5. You’ve been drawn to energy healing

Dolphin Spirit Guides will often enhance the lives of those they work with by guiding them to sound healing, Reiki Healing, or vibrational therapy. 

Healing through the wave moment of light, sound, or vibration is the Dolphin’s specialty. 

Using waves to heal and harmonize the body is something Dolphin Spirit Guides delight in assisting with. 

So if you have noticed yourself being guided by these practices, there’s a good chance you have a Dolphin Spirit Guide around. 

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