5 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Said “I Love You”


Falling in love before you know whether he feels the same is like jumping out of a plane.

Do you have a parachute…or will you plummet to the earth?

Will he respond that he desperately has fallen head over heels for you…or will you make a fool of yourself by telling him how you feel?

It’s a vulnerable place to be, but it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on. If you’re jumping the gun with your feelings, you could stand to slow down and patient. Maybe he needs more time to process his feelings. On the other hand, if you’ve waited months and months and he hasn’t said “I love you,” this may be a sign that it’s time for you to move on.

There’s no single reason why he hasn’t said “I love you,” but here are a few to consider.

He’s Getting His Sh$% Together Before Diving into a Relationship

I find that in relationships, women tend to go with the flow. Even if you’ve got a million things going on in your life, if you meet a great guy and fall for him, wonderful! Men, on the other hand, tend to want everything to be checked off their list first before they dedicate themselves to a relationship. They want to have the job, the house, the money…everything taken care of…before they commit. So it might be that he’s got a few loose ends to tie up before he’s ready.

However, if you’re not committed to one another, keep your options open. This guy may never get his sh$% together.

He’s Terrified of Being Rejected Again

You ladies sometimes forget that we guys have hearts and that sometimes, those have been broken. He may be cautious about opening up to someone after what he’s been through.

Allow that space to get to know and trust each other before diving into love.

He’s Not Emotionally Available

This doesn’t mean he’s an emotional robot, but at this point, he’s not ready for a relationship. You won’t be able to change that fact. Rather than waiting, cut ties so you can find someone who is ready to commit to you.

He’s Not in Love With You

Even if things have been going well in the relationship, there’s no guarantee he will fall in love with you. The question is: do you keep hanging on hoping he’ll come around? Don’t make major decisions like moving in together or having kids if you don’t have a love commitment.

Leave a comment below: have you ever been in a relationship with a man who didn’t tell you he loved you? What did you do?

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He Hasn’t said "I love you"

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