5 Clear Signs From The Universe — Amanda Linette Meder


#1 Messages Received In A Series

This sign appears when you have specifically been asking for a direction to take and pulling oracle cards to help you decide. 

If you receive a message from more than three to five people, or more than three to five places, about the same thing, know Source and Universal Forces often work through others. 

Think about the past few messages, pieces of advice, or answers you’ve received to questions you’ve had. 

Even if the messages are something you haven’t heard before, take a step towards the information and see how it feels. If your body opens to it, this usually is confirmation to take the next step. 

#2 Synchronistic Meeting of New People

Spirit, The Universe, may send meaningful people in your direction, such as teachers, business partners, and friends. 

Pay attention to people who show up who appear to answer your prayers. They may have been guided to be at that place also to meet you.

People can seemingly coincidentally meet and become partners in co-evolution, even if they meet just once. 

#3 Déjà vu

Repeating situations often appear when people move up to their next level of soul growth. 

Déjà vu is often a sign that your soul is growing, and it can be a foretelling of where you are going next – emotionally, physically, or even mentally. 

Pay attention to how you feel when you encounter Déjà vu, as can appear as a confirmation sign from the Universe you’re headed in the right direction and on the exact path meant for you. 

It can also show you how much you’ve grown since the last time you were in this situation. 

#4 Unexpected Resources Show Up

When you’re on the right path, often, others will sense your alignment with your true soul nature and offer their resources, unconsciously or consciously, to promote and celebrate this. 

Are you starting a new project and unexpected hands, resources, or tools show up to assist? 

This can be a sign of support and positive confirmation that you’re going in the right direction. 

#5 An Invitation To Act A New Way Arrives

Commitment to your path often takes overcoming particular soul level challenges we are each given in our lifetimes to heal and grow.

As you evolve and grow on your soul path, overcoming these challenges and commitment to your truth may result in situations that feel like a test. 

You may get confronted with some old pattern that you need to overcome, or a situation arrives that acts as an invitation into some old archetype you’re transcending. 

One way the Universe gets your attention is with these moments. 

You’ll feel them when they come and remember to pat yourself on the back when they arrive. 

Not everyone will get why they feel so lovely once they pass the test, but afterwards, you usually feel some sort of bliss, and you’ll know it has passed. 

Tests are personal breakthroughs the Universe sends to reward a soul for how far they’ve come and experiencing one can feel like a small victory. 

To recap, five strong signs from the Universe that you are supported are:

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