4 Ways To Cultivate Positive Memories — Amanda Linette Meder


1. Look Into Orange Or other Citrus Essential Oils

There’s research to support the fact that orange essential oil can enhance the release of the past, giving space to the creation of positive experiences and memories. 

Memory and scent are strongly linked.

So whenever you want to remember the good, take advantage of this. Try an uplifting essential oil cupped in your hands or over your nose, inhale, and then breathe.

As you inhale, start to imagine positive scenes. Another way to do this is with color. Choose uplifting colors like yellows, oranges or blends, and watch the magic go to work. 

2. Pause To Remember The Happy Times

Whenever you think of a memory, you have a chance to rewrite it. 

Anytime a memory of a past struggle comes up, choose to stop and redirect your thoughts to think of something happy about the circumstance. From there, you can slowly start to build happier and happier thoughts of newer, more positive things.

This activity is one of the premises of the Law of Attraction teachings. 

A tip in this teaching school is you can use thoughts as an invitation to pivot into the vortex.

The vortex is considered the state of attraction you need to be in to create a more joyous life. 

With practice on this mental technique, eventually, the positive pathways in your soul’s recall bank can become stronger. This can make it easier to recall positive memories over other ones, through the process of reinforcement.

Most people find preliminary success from practicing the law of attraction techniques, like this one purposely, after only a couple of months of practice. 

3. Consider Energy Work

Sometimes, releasing stored energy from the physical or energetic tissues of the body can promote one feeling better. And when you feel better, you’re more likely to lend yourself towards more optimistic thinking. 

Energy work, either that you do yourself or seek from a healer, can promote releasing from the body those emotions that block positive energy from coming in.

Outside of seeing a healer of any type of energy work that spikes your interest, you can energy heal yourself.

Use the white light meditation described here, or imagine yourself pulling grounding energy up from the earth and run it all through your body.

Then, imagine yourself pulling divine energy down from the sky, and visualize yourself running this spiritual healing energy down, around and all through your body.

Finish by imagining the earth’s energy and angel energy blending in your body. 

This practice can clear you of all thought, and it can feel incredibly relaxing. Clearing meditations harmonize your body spiritually and energetically promote your soul to return to its baseline state of peace. 

Once here, you can choose your thoughts more clearly, allowing a clean slate and pathway for selecting more positive ones. 

4. Introduce Calming Foods To Your Routine

Promote peace, joy, and calm in the Spirit can happen just by supplementing the body with relaxing foods, beverages, and nutrition, including vitamins. 

The more your body system feels supported, and at peace, the more peace your energy body feels and in turn, your spirit body will feel. All energy bodies all flow into one another. 

You can intuitively decide what foods and nutritional support are best for you. One way is by going to the grocery store, walking through the produce, fresh foods, and health areas, and asking yourself what looks good to me now. 

It’s good to do this practice under the care of any health practitioner. And know, what is calming for one person may not be the same as what is calming for another.

Use your intuition on this, and double-check the advice with those you trust and those who specialize in this area. 

The body usually knows what it needs to feel good, and this premise is a component of the topic of Intuitive Eating which is all about honoring your body and the internal guidance it gives you.

So to recap, to cultivate more positive memories

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