4 Ways To Call On Your Spirit Guides For Support In A Hurry — Amanda Linette Meder


A few of my favorite Digital Card Readers are: 

Diana Cooper’s Pick a Card

Collette Baron Reid’s Free Card Reader

Divination Cards often work by supporting what you already know, identifying a blind spot, or strengthening belief in something you may have been ignoring. 

The answers given will often support or nudge you in a direction and they can provide further insight to help you make a choice. They paint a clear picture that can help you accept even the hardest things. 

I usually suggest consulting more than one deck, at a time, if there’s a situation that requires lots of clarity. Clear your energy before shuffling the cards, with three deep breaths or by stepping outside quickly for a break. 

#4. Essential Oils or Other Plant Therapy

Clear your energy can promote clarity quickly.

The old fashioned way of doing this is saging your energy field, but not all plants burn so cleanly or some have allergies. In public spaces, I prefer using oils over whipping out my palo santo and my lighter.

Essential oils allow you to gain the fragrant benefits of the plant in cleaner ways, a lot like perfumes do. Oils work on the limbic system, which affects memory, emotion, and the thought process system. 

Certain oils can actually help you think through things more clearly, by enhancing the potential rational thought.

If I’m working through a spiritually difficult to see issue, consider using Pines, Fires and Oranges and Citruses, or other crisp scents to clear your spirit energy. Then see things begin to open up.

If you feel emotional, use a blend like Release from Young Living, anything with Ylang-Ylang, or another syrupy floral, like Jasmine. These tend to be comforting, meaning they can emotionally support your heart space where you feel better about making a choice. 

Oils can open you up and create space in the energy body, allowing you to make clearer decisions from your heart. In a pinch, you can use floral perfumes or even scented hand soaps.

To recap, four ways to get spiritual guidance in a hurry

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