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#1 Monitor Your Electronics Time

Screens and electronics are inward energy flows. As we align our energy field to them, we take anything they project. 

This goes to the words we read on the screens, to the images we see and to the sounds we hear through them. Each piece of energy we take in can lodge in our energy field, and come into our aura. 

Putting boundaries on your computer time gives your energy field a chance to recharge and cleanse itself, allowing your soul to boost itself back up and refresh itself after a day of incoming flows. 

For computers and screens, give yourself a minimum of one hour off-time a couple of times day, if possible.

This allows your energy field to refill back up with its own energy, and cleanse out anything you’ve absorbed, naturally rebuffering your energy boundaries.

#2 Open Messages When You Can Reply

Whenever you open a message, such as an email, a text, or a voicemail, you open a stream of energy cords right into your energetic system.

Think of your energy field as a Plasma Electricity Ball and any word, letter, or email as a new loose energy link attempting to attach to one of those free energy chains.

The process of continual link making gives the energy field no time to recharge.

Take a chunk of time and reply to new links all at once, and then close them down. Next time you are capable, reply to the future stream of links. 

By opening messages, and leaving them on no reply – whether this is emails, text messages, or voice messages, it allows an open floating ball of untethered spiritual energy in your space and to some, this is palpable. 

If you have incoming letters, messages, and texts you can’t respond to, see if you can disconnect them or reroute them elsewhere. 

Taking yourself off mailing lists, even if you have to do it manually, and chunking your handling of incoming messages will help your energy boundaries stay intact and healthy.

#3 Tap Into The Golden Energy 

Golden light is the pinnacle light used by healers in many traditions to wrap and seal an energy field from intrusions after healings are complete.

I’ve used it in many guided meditations, and Anni Sennov has written an entire book about it. 

You, too, can use it to seal your energy field and create energetic boundaries. 

Here’s how to use the golden energy:

Imagine a seed of golden light in your low belly, much like a flame, and as you breathe, this flame grows brighter and brighter until it appears to fill your whole body. 

Now watch as this flame spirals off and wraps around your body, glittering and gold until you are surrounded at least one foot out from you in glowing golden clairvoyant light. 

All this happens in your imagination, but it feels healing once done. 

Try this technique when you are walking out and about amongst others and start to feel like you might absorb their energy or when someone you are with begins talking negatively. 

It spiritually buffers you from going into the negative energy with them and keeps your energy field stable, so you are less affected by what they say and more able to pull them out if they go too far.

I discuss another version of this technique in this post for children if you’re interested in more.

#4 Focus On Yourself

As much as you want to influence, you can’t control everyone’s responses, actions, and behaviors around you. 

Focusing on what others are doing too much of the day will take your energy field and place it in or over top of their energy field. In mediumship, this is called channeling another spirit’s energy. 

Other people have their own Spirit Guides and Angels and were also born with higher selves and emotional guidance systems. 

Though we have come onto Earth to assist our Earthmates and guide them, the best way to do this sometimes is by focusing on your energy field health and maintenance. 

When placing yourself in another person’s shoes, if they are suffering, you will enter their experience, and the nature of it means you lose your energy autonomy. 

Your spiritual boundaries become their spiritual boundaries.

Because we are affected, and in union with the energy fields around us, we interact with others daily as waves. It sometimes feels impossible not to step into another persons’ area as it meshes with yours, but know you can always step out. 

If you do channel energy or step into another energy field, I highly recommend stepping into the power of the solution rather than the problem.

You can do this by asking, what can I do now to take one step to solve this situation for me? 

From here, you can become a better you in Spirit, and others may observe and follow and make a choice to change themselves. 

One way you can know if you are in someone else’s field is if you are thinking about them or a situation involving them comes to mind. 

When this happens, simply call your mind back to the now and ask your Spirit self to stay with you in the present moment. 

This takes practice, but over time, it can be done. 

Need help coming back to the now?

In The Member Center, there is a Call Back Your Energy Meditation to assist with this. I also recommend how in this article: How To Cut Cords With Someone Quickly.

to recap, four ways you can improve your spiritual boundaries are

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