360) The US Newspaper Slump


Findley, Ohio, a small town in the ___________ of America. Paper boy John Lucas makes his early morning round. But Lucas is not an ordinary employee at Findlay Courier he was recently voted as Americas Number One Paperboy – the best and most reliable in the country. He gets 10 cents per newspaper ____________. But paper boys like Lucas may soon disappear from all streets.
With the recession in the US in full swing there are now only 1200 daily titles a shocking job for a 7500 imprints doing better times.

The competition with online papers is making it increasingly difficult for new titles to establish themselves as young spearhead a trend for ____________ the news online.

Afro Boy: “Well when you have email account most of the news is right there when you sign into your email. So is pretty much hard to ___________. So I mean it pretty much beats the newspaper when you have to pay for it and then it’s right there and you are at home.”

Girl: “It’s alright to subscribe to the Boston and Globe but then it just got a little expensive. Everything is online then why ___________?”

Asian Man: “Newspaper and online. But more online actually.”

The figures are dramatic- and the migration of readers to the Internet cannot be stopped, says Tom Rosenstiel. He is the head of the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism.

“The economic foundation of newspapers has collapsed and that’s happening for 2 reasons. First newspapers have lost half of all their classified advertising revenue to internet websites that are not subsidizing journalism and the second thing that has happened is that _____________ half the audience has moved from newspapers imprint to newspapers online.”

The affects are not only felt in the bank accounts of the owners. For 24 years Gary Metzker was an editor of Los Angeles Times. Last month he got a call from his boss to say he was no _________ ___________. He may still have his Pullitzer prize, but no job to depend upon and he knows the reason.

“There are too many young people now. Who are just you know.. have ______ ________ first into the world of internet. They are reading bloging, they have their face book page, they have my space page, they are going into the Youtube, they are sharing videos, they are sharing blogs, they are sharing diaries, you know the young students now they are really, really into the internet.”

The potential savings on the internet edition compared to imprint newspaper are _____________.

No press, no ink, no paper, no staff, a simple click and place a rapid transport service. But this is also the ______________ of the problem.



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