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3 angel number

Three on its own is known to be a number of good luck, and it’s shape being half the figure 8, it is also seen as a part-way to completion. A good number to have when you are starting something new. Three can symbolize that on a path, change is still possible, as it is drawn as half of a number eight, the sign of infinity.

Three, is also linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, or the third chakra in the body, symbolizing positivity and confidence. Seeing 3 can validate you are exuding positivity and confidence or be an encouragement to keep it up.

You can use the color Yellow or call in Archangel Ariel, known to amplify confidence and positivity energy, to boost any new starts or lucky thoughts you have when you see this number.

33 angel number

When three is combined twice in 33, the meaning of 33 often joins with the spiritual meaning of 2s, and symbolizes divine new unions starting, happy family connections, and harmony. 

Six, the value of this angel number, is often a harmony number and being two is always a union number, this number is great for bonding in creativity with others, a good sign to see when contemplating relationships and love, and multiplying new ideas related to connecting and others.

The number two is the first number of division in biology, symbolized by the double 3s, is also linked to the Sacral Chakra, which is the second Chakra in the body, connected to creativity and union or creation in conjunction with others. So to me, 33 is a double union and family harmony number. 

If you are looking for a happy relationship or at a twin flame bond, seeing this number is often confirmation you’re on the right path or in alignment with this idea.

When you see 33, it’s a great sign that any moves or thoughts made now are in alignment with truth and all unions made with others, will result in group harmony. 

If you see this number on a receipt, it can mean even purchases made with this number present are supported in trinity with Spirit and will result in harmonious unions for all involved. Seeing this number on a business receipt can be a validation of a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Now that we have gone over the two root numbers of 333, 3 and 33, let’s talk about the meaning of seeing 333 angel number – 

333 angel number

Angel numbers are called angel numbers because you see them at synchronistic magical moments, get a feeling when you see them, or see them after connecting with Angelic energy repeatedly. 

Angel numbers are usually defined as repeating number sequences, often seen as a series, synchronistically, as a sign from the Angels confirming or validating a thought, choice or habit. 

One will often see Angel Numbers a lot during short or condensed periods of time, and usually the same angel number series for a period of months, until that person’s part of the soul journey is complete or the message from the Angels is received.

They are physical signs from Spirit that are often accompanied with a feeling or hunch, and can appear after you ask for a Sign from source. 

When you see any angel number, it is normal to see the same one repeatedly, for a period of days or months. The more you see the same number sequence, synchronistically, the more meaningful the sign.

In my first post on number signs, I wrote 333 means truth, an ideal connection with Spirit, and is a sign things are in a circular balance. It’s all working out as it should be and in alignment with the wheel of the planet. It is a reminder what is sent out is magnified threefold.

In addition, if you are seeing 333 angel number it often means these things:

  • Alignment with truth in mind body spirit

    Thoughts or choices made when you see this number are held and confirmed by the trinity between you, Spirit and the Universe. 

    You are in divine alignment when you see the 333 number sign. Notice what you are saying or working on when you see this number to know which thought, project or choice is being validated and confirmed.

  • All new projects are amplified and multiplied

    Three is a new start number, and tripled, what you are doing now is amplified three times by the Universe. 

    This is a great validation for manifestation of new projects, or if you are working on an endeavor where you want to see results.

  • Incredibly grounded thoughts and ideas

    Your thoughts and choices are grounded and expanded. 

    Because this number sign tallies to number nine, a near completion number, 333 angel number is often seen as a number of abundance, symbolizing a lot of energy is behind and supporting what you are manifesting when you see this number.

  • Expect manifestation and ascension upward and outward into time

    This number is shaped like three half springs, which can appear as a corkscrew vibration, suggesting any idea you begin now will extend out into the universe and go beyond you. For this reason, I see it as an ascension beyond-the-physical number.

    This number can validate that thoughts, choices and actions you make now extend beyond present time-space reality and may impact past-life or future-life reality. 

    Seeing 333 can validate actions you take now to heal the past and prepare you for the future, and may manifest into the future beyond what you can perceive now.

When this core number 3 is multiplied by three, it amplifies by three, making 333 what is technically called a master angel number, meaning it is angelic confirmation number that has maximum impact when you see it.

Finally, while a rarer angel number sign, I also wanted to touch on seeing 3333 briefly, as some people have questions about it – 

3333 angel number 

The 3333 meaning adds all values of seeing 333, trinity, good luck for new starts, multiplication for new projects, and ascension upward and outward through manifestation, with the number four, the number of stability, hearth and home. 

If you see 3333, another master angel number, this often means thoughts, ideas and actions taken now, will create stability and balance in the home and hearth.

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