3 Ways To Develop Trust In Your Spirit Guides — Amanda Linette Meder


For a couple of years, I was a huge fan of playing games on this pinball machine, America’s Most Haunted. 

Spooky Pinball created America’s Most Haunted in 2014, and there’s a track inside the game which calls out, “Your Spirit Guides are with you!” when playing one of the rounds.

It is my favorite part of the game because after playing it, I would think about that phrase and how true it is, based on what I’ve seen in readings. 

The things that Spirit says sometimes requires stepping back and taking a breather, and taking a break from thinking about the meaning of life. 

Spirit Guides are incredibly supportive and one of my favorite Spirits to connect to. The symbolism they provide in readings, dreams or meditation can be quite detailed. 

They can appear in human or animal form, and no matter what, when they appear, they are like a love cloud that descends on you and your clients, or whatever group you’re in when you call in Spirit Guide Energy. 

Spirit Guide energy can feel so good, that doing consultations where I bring in their energy for others is like a relief from a difficult day. 

If I am working through a human challenge on Earth and someone asks me to bring in Spirit Guides that afternoon, I look forward to it all day, simply because of how the energy feels, and I know it’s going to be an infusion of love for all.

Trusting the Guidance you receive from your Spirit Guides can take time and practice, but it can be done. Over time, with a few basic principles and a little bit of ease, you can develop trust in your Spirit Guides.

To develop that trust, first, know Spirit Guides always communicate through loving energies and messages. 

Usually, their presence shows up with a feeling of bliss and relaxation. If you are feeling too tense when you call in your Guides, try the exercises in this post about slowing down, wind down into calmness, and open yourself back up again.

Second, Spirit Guides tend to be continuously forgiving. 

In the world of Spirit Guides, there are no mistakes, they are always with you, and you are as innocent as a child. Everyone is an innocent child. 

You never did anything wrong, and if you feel you did, you probably have some authoritative protection guides watching over you to walk you back to self-love.

Third, Spirit Guides and those who are in touch with them will attempt to guide you towards situations that are more loving, not less. 

Think about the last time you received unexpected love. Think about who or what brought that in. This is a group guided by their Spirit Guides.

When connected to the energy of your Spirit Guides, you usually feel a sense of courage, power, or confidence. 

Looking for a more trusting relationship with your Spirit Guides? 

Below I want to go over three more ways you can develop a trusting relationship with your Spirit Guides. 

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