3 Ways To Cultivate Good Vibes Only During The Work Day — Amanda Linette Meder


1. choose a vibrational set-point each morning to hold your mood

Read a passage from a positive book, an inspirational oracle deck with positive messages or even a digital card reading application before you go in. My current favorite is from Diana Cooper. 

Use the passage you choose to hold a mood set-point for the day. 

Once you have your set-point for the day, continue. Go back to it periodically, or when you take breaks, reminding yourself of the positive positioning, you are holding for the day. 

Challenge yourself to hold it, no matter how many external distractions come your way. 

Over time, your set-point will radiate from you and, rub off on those around you, creating a positive forcefield. 

Also, it attracts other energy fields where your set-point is both needed and appreciated. Meaning, attracting new coworkers, or even attracting new promotions. 

2. Use essential oils to hold your mood to a positive vibration

My favorite essential oil blend for positive vibes is currently Young Living’s Peace and Calming Blend. Outside of this, many people like Orange, or Ylang-ylang, or the scent of uplifting pines. 

Any Tree Spirit fragrance can hold your mood as high as the tree grows, so keep sniffing until you have to find the right ones for you. 

For some people, it’s Cypress, for others, it’s Black or Blue Spruce.

Think of the mood that a Christmas Tree puts you in. This is similar to what a pine fragrance can do for some souls. Reapply on your breaks, if possible. 

3. Try working with crystals

Last month, in The Membership Program, our theme was Working with Crystals. In it, I released an article now in the Archives, on How To Use Crystals to Connect to Archangel Gabriel. 

Gabriel is the Angel of Miracles, and the first miracle is usually a miracle in mindset, which is what ultimately creates all change. 

You can work with Crystals, especially those known as energy amplifiers, like Quartz, to lift your mood because they have an electric charge. 

These subtle electric charges may enhance your vibration. They may increase your mood, especially when they are worn directly on the skin. 

To work with a crystal for positive vibes, carry one with you at work. I recommend a small carryable sized stone with a high quartz content – clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and many agates. 

Some people like to use stones with high metallic content, such as metal ores, like copper. 

High copper count stones include even blue and green crystals such as Malachite and Azurite, which are heavy for their size. Hematite is high iron, and Chrysoprase is high nickel.

These carry a charge, and they can buffer your energy acting as energy protection too. So you are more able to hold your positive vibrations no matter who or what situation comes your way. 

These crystal charges can feed into your energy system and give you a boost when you need one.

So to recap, to cultivate good vibes at work

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