3 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura


Instant Aura Cleansing – Do This NOW!

Instant Aura Cleansing - A Powerful Technique to Cleanse and Uplift Your Aura Now!

Are you carrying negativity and distortion in your aura? If you don’t regularly cleanse your aura… The answer to this question is likely yes… Even if you don’t realize it! The good news is that aura cleansing can be easy.

So today, I’m going to share with you a simple and yet, powerful practice to cleanse your aura and raise the vibration of your energetic being.

Without regularly cleansing your aura, you may likely be noticing some symptoms of needing a good cleanse. Feeling sluggish? Tired? A bit off… Or maybe you’re just not really feeling like yourself?

These are all signs you’ve taken on some harsh energy and that its time to cleanse your aura!

Aura Cleansing is a key skill to learn on the Spiritual Awakening path… Let’s look at exactly how to do it now.

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But first… What’s An Aura?

First a quick refresher… Your aura is, essentially the multilayered energy body that surrounds you in every moment.

Depending on your personal energetic structure that’s been created through the spiritual practices you do and through the level of your consciousness, how your aura is structured may differ a bit.

But one thing is certain. Everyone has an aura and as you go throughout your day to day life, your aura naturally takes on and absorbs energies from your surroundings.

Cleansing Detrimental Energies

Aura Cleansing Made Easy with this powerful and yet simple technique

So this is where aura cleansing comes in. It’s a method and process you can use to cleanse out any detrimental energies you may have taken on. Cleansing out the dense energy, thought patterns and lower vibrations of other people and places you may have taken on.

Cleansing your aura empowers you to shine with more of your authentic light, and authentic truth.

Raising Your Vibration!

Also, when your aura is cleansed so that it clearly and brightly shines around you, it has a way of raising your vibration. A clear bright aura empowers you to be able to reflect the highest divine qualities of your soul in the physical.

Your clear aura also acts as a protective mechanism. Because your aura is able to take in and store detrimental energies when it’s clear, it serves to protect you in this way.

How to Know if Your Aura Needs Cleansing?

But when the aura becomes very clouded or torn, (it can get ripped and all sorts of things) it becomes less effective in protection and can actually weigh you down.

It’s not really that your aura is weighing you down. It’s more that whatever energy the aura absorbs begins to weigh you down.

Either way, the simple remedy is of course, to cleanse your aura.

So that’s what we’re going to do now.

You Can do This On Your Own

I want you to know that you can do this process all by yourself. However, if you’re new to calling in energy, visualizing and flowing energy through your being, I do recommend that you invoke the assistance of your team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters of the highest Christ light.

However, as you step into more of your mastery and true sovereign divine nature, it’s not required to ask for any external help and you could do this all on your own, so both ways are fine.

But for now, to begin, let’s call in assistance.

Aura Cleansing Technique

Focus within, allow your heart to open and allow yourself to relax. I like to close my eyes, but that also is not required.

Then speak aloud (this is best) or declare silently and yet with authority in your mind:

“At this time, I ask to be surrounded with Divine light and love. I call in and forth my team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters of the highest Christed light to cleanse my aura and shield my energy now.”

Once you speak the above invocation begin to visualize or imagine way above your head, the most brilliant golden divine light you’ve ever seen or conceived up or imagined.

  1. Tune into the light of the great central sun, the source of light on the inner planes shining down upon you now.
  2. Allow the Golden Solar Light to Shine Down Upon You
  3. Imagine that a golden orb of light from the Great Central Sun travels down through our sun and into this present point in time, shining down upon you.
  4. Visualize, imagine and feel this great orb of light lowering down all the way around your body, mind and spirit. Lowering down through your aura, cleansing your energy, illuminating your authentic light.

Lowering down through your mind, heart, abdomen, and down through your hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet … and then resting about four to six feet below your feet, inside of the earth where it flattens out into a sort of dish or platform, protecting you from below.

  • Tune into this golden platform of light shining below you, and shining golden light of peace, clearing, serenity, tranquility up towards you now.

You may notice an immediate shift from just this.

  • But now, once again above your head, tune into another golden orb of light lowering down.
  • Let this orb lower down all the way into your abdomen where it rests in your will center.
  • Tune into the golden light in your abdomen, this golden orb of light, and just breathe into it for a moment as it expands. Allow the orb of light to expand about six feet around you, down below your feet and above your navel.
  • This golden orb of light is serving by clearing your energy, cleansing your aura, elevating your vibration and indeed, opening up this energetic center allowing you to embody more of your divine soul truth.
  • Let this orb of light remain here, cleansing the lower part of your aura, and revealing more of your brilliance

And now, once again, tune into another golden orb of light above your head.

  • Imagine, visualize and feel this orb lowering down through your aura and energy, all the way to your heart chakra where it rests therein.
  • Let it expand and brightly shine out from your heart center, illuminating your energy, cleansing your aura within, above, below, behind, around, in every direction. Clearing and elevating your aura and your heart center with golden Christed light, with pure divine source energy.
  • Allow this orb of golden light to work by clearing out all distortion, all fear, all negativity, any and all entities and anything that’s not serving you. Let it go, returning to vibrant divine light.
  • Allow the orb around your heart center to remain as you now, once again, above your head, tune into a golden orb of light.

This orb, lowers down into the center of your brain, illuminating your cave of Christos, your cave of Brahma, illuminating your third eye, your mind’s eye and extending out six feet around you, below, above, behind, in every direction.

This golden orb of light is serving by clearing your thinking, clearing your mind, cleansing your aura and opening this energetic center for your soul to embody through you.

  • Allow this orb to remain around your mind, extending above, below and all around…
  • And now, imagine that these three centers, the will center of your abdomen, the feeling center of your heart, your thinking center of your mind are all illuminated with golden light.
  • The golden light from these three centers now meets and merges together as one pillar of light.
  • Tune into this pillar or column of golden light shining along your core… Expanding out all around you that’s spanning down all the way to the crystalline core of the earth and reaching up all the way into the light of the great central sun, into the light of the infinite.

Within this column, the golden light serves to dissolve any distorted energy, to cleanse your aura and reveal more of your brilliance and divine truth.

  • If you’re feeling like something is holding on, like there’s something you need to let go of that isn’t quite releasing, you can imagine that this column spins with light…
  • Feel the energy flowing up and down with each inhale and exhale…

Golden light cleansing your aura, restoring your brilliance and empowering you in this moment to shine more of your divine authentic light.

Continue Allowing The Energy to Flow

Stay with this visualization as long as you like, feeling divine life force energy flowing up from the crystalline core of the earth, up along your central column of light, out through your crown chakra at the top of your head and all the way to the light of the infinite … Then circling down around you in a beautiful sphere, orb, or more accurately, Torus of golden divine light energy.

And then reversed, the golden crystalline light is shining down upon you from the light of the infinite, pouring down through the central column light of your being, down through the bottom of your feet all the way into the crystalline core of the earth… And then the light arcs up around you, flowing and circulating light through your being, cleansing your energy and empowering you to clearly and brightly and brilliantly shine your authentic divine truth.

When you feel complete.. End with gratitude, and take a moment to scan your energy and see what changes this practice has created in your energy structure, aura and energy field.

Awareness is key!

Golden Christ Light for Psychic Protection

You can also use this technique of surrounding yourself with Golden Light Orbs for protection.

In an instant, tune into the golden orbs of light and let one shine all the way down to create a sort of base.

Next bring an orb of light into your will center, into your heart, into your mind, to cleanse your energy, protect yourself and empower you to embody more of your divine soul truth and to brightly shine.

I hope this was helpful for you.

This is the technique I use all the time to cleanse my aura. If you haven’t just gone through this process while reading…

I think you will really feel a difference when you go through this process of cleansing your aura and shielding your energy.

As a natural byproduct in doing this, you’re also opening the pathways for your soul light to shine and embody through all you do.

It’s simple and easy to do. So… Cleanse your aura and let your light shine.

After you complete this energy cleansing technique, it is best to go through and cleanse each of your chakra centers as explained how to in this post here.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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