3 Soul Contracts You Agreed to Before You Were Born!


Why are you really here? And just what soul contracts did you agree to before you were born?

Let’s look at the three major things you agreed to prior to your birth.

Before your incarnation into this world, as a spiritual being in physical form, there are several things you had to allow before they could take place.

3 Things You Agreed to Before Your Incarnation


#1 – You Agreed to Be Here Now

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The first thing that you agreed to before your birth was quite simply to be here now.

You agreed to this as a spiritual being who was in the higher realms of Spirit, connected to divine intelligence, aware of the vast divine plan and the interconnectedness of all.

You agreed to pass through a veil of forgetfulness, the veil of illusion, in order to lower your consciousness down to incarnate as a physical being at this very time.

In other words, you incarnated with a knowing and understanding that you were entering into a world of duality, entering into a realm of separation.

You knew that there would be incredible challenges, hardships, and struggles for you to experience in your life, but you chose to incarnate anyway for the opportunity to grow and to remember.

Just because you lowered your consciousness down in order to incarnate as a physical being, this does not mean you can’t remember.

In fact, a huge part of the greater mission and purpose for so many souls here at this very time – a time of great transformation and change, where humanity together is ascending into a higher state of consciousness – is that this time presents unprecedented opportunities for you to remember that divine intelligence, divine mind, and higher state of conscious awareness within your physical body.

Doing so requires building up the energetic centers of your psychic sense organs – the energetic centers of subtle perception. When you build and cultivate those centers as a physical being in this lifetime, that growth and development continues on within your soul.

That’s why we see certain spiritual masters who come in with an ability to retain more of that direct connection with higher divine intelligence. It’s because they’ve developed that in a previous lifetime.

You now likewise have the opportunity to develop and you take that growth forward with you at the level of your soul.

#2 – You Agreed to A Specific Purpose

3 Things You Agreed to Before You Were Born

You agreed to a specific mission and purpose and overarching reason for your life.

As a soul, you had a much broader view of the possibilities of your life experience. You were able to see how incarnating into your family dynamics in this tumultuous time would present you with certain key opportunities in order to develop your soul.

Yes, you might have also agreed to come at this point in time to work off past karma, overcome past challenges, learn and develop as a soul … but you also agreed to a certain mission and service that you would bring to humanity, to the collective consciousness, and to the greater all.

You chose to be here because you knew that you could make a difference. You knew that you could be a way shower and bring an energy of positive change and transformation to humanity and to the earth through your mission and purpose and reason for being here.

Prior to your birth, you agreed to that mission.

And, interestingly, you agreed from a place of expansive presence and direct union with the divine. It is as though you agreed to this mission and purpose from a state of divine intoxication – being completely intoxicated with love, with presence, with golden Christ light from that place of infinite possibility.

You signed up for a lot … for a big mission, for a big purpose, perhaps for big challenges in order to trigger your waking up, in order to ignite a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

You are here to pave a new way forward for your benefit and for the benefit of all life.

When you begin to remember your soul purpose and why you’re really here, you align with the path of your highest divine timeline.

This is the path that leads to your most vibrant life – to powerful soul growth and to levels of joy and fulfillment that are yours to claim.

They are your birthright, but you get to consciously choose them.

#3 – You Agreed to Co-Create Your Life Experience

The third thing you agreed to prior to incarnating in the physical was to be the co-creator of your life experience.

This concept has several layers.

Co-creating with the Infinite

First, you’re co-creating your life with the universe, with God, with the higher divine intimacy.

Yes, you agreed to things happening in your life that were not consciously called forth by your lower consciousness.

These difficulties often include the challenges and traumas and struggles of physical reality. When they are happening, you may think, How could the divine allow this to happen to me?

In fact, you agreed to experience that challenge. On the other side of making it through that challenge, there is a depth and a richness of the soul.

While you don’t get to choose from the level of your lower consciousness everything that comes into your life, you always have the choice as to how you respond. 

Based on your responses and reactions, the vibrational field of energy around you changes so that you’re able to harmonize energetically with the highest divine possibilities for your life.

When you respond with frustration, with negativity, that changes what unfolds in response to that challenge.

But when you respond with love – when you respond to the challenge believing that there is simultaneously a greater reason, a blessing, a miracle just waiting to emerge – that changes your trajectory.

Through that response of love, of awareness, of optimism in the present moment, the path of your highest divine timeline for your soul growth is able to unfold.

Guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels

The second layer of this co-creating experience is that you agreed to be guided.

You agreed to the team in Spirit that would have your back, be your allies, and be your spiritual support.

There was an agreement – not just by you, but also from those guides – from your angels who agreed, before your birth, to support you.

You now have this opportunity to open that link, to open up to that channel of guidance, of divine intelligence that is available to guide you.

As you progress through this experience, if you would like support in opening those channels of intuitive perception.

Soul Agreements and Connections

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The third layer of co-creating your life experience is that you agreed to certain connections.

In other words, you agree to certain soul relationships that would come into your life.

Life is very much a single-player game. You’re born into the world alone and you die alone. You also continue on into the afterlife journey alone.

But while you’re here in the physical, so much growth … so much expansion and unity can be claimed through the relationships you have with others.

For many souls, there is the requirement to partner with others. Spirit and the angels want you to know that the people required for you to accomplish your soul purpose will line up in your life because you agreed to have that support.

You agreed to those soul connections, and they agreed to support and connect with you in this way as well.

Soul mates, soul groups, soul families, have a way of incarnating with each other in multiple timelines and throughout multiple lifetimes to have different opportunities to grow and evolve together as a soul group.
Those connections, which were planned prior to your birth, will unfold, but you have the choice as to how you respond to them.

It is your choice as to how you welcome them, because this is a free-will universe and you agreed to co-create.

You agreed to choose your adventure, to choose how life unfolds for you.

This choosing does not take place from the level of your conscious mind, but from the level of your vibrational field, which is always changing and morphing, depending on how you think, how you act, and how you feel.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to come back into alignment, sync, and harmony.

Meditation is the most powerful tool I know of in order to remember the truth of who you are.

It enables you to connect with the different aspects of your soul’s purpose and mission and reason for being here, and to remember your power to consciously co-create an incredible life of rich growth, vibrant fulfillment, and incredible experiences.

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Hope this was helpful for you!

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