3 Mistakes Women Make When Men Pull Away


The guy you’re talking to normally texts first thing to wish you a good day…but today you haven’t heard from him. Is this you?

“OMG he always texts by 10 am! It’s 10:07! He’s clearly found someone he likes better! Why did I waste my time? What did I do wrong? WAAAAH!”

It can feel really personal when men pull away…but guess what? It doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw in the towel. In this video, I’m going to show you what to do instead of full-on panicking that will help you salvage things.

Ladies, it’s time to be done with second-guessing what’s going on when men pull away. Seriously. I know it’s easier to see yourself as the problem, but trust me: more than likely it’s something completely other that’s going on with him.

Take a bird’s-eye view of the situation. Are you giving him an appropriate amount of space to crave and miss you? Or are you trying to fill up the space so there won’t be any distance between you? There’s a reason they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. He can’t miss you if you’re constantly blowing up his phone and trying to spend time with him every single day.

So relax. You have plenty of time to get to know this man, and while it might seem counter-intuitive, if you stop worrying about why he’s pulling away and just give him space, he’ll come back and appreciate you for not crowding him.

Talk to me in the comments below. Has a man pulled away from you? How did you handle it…and how did that work out?

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