2020 Membership Program Meditation List — Amanda Linette Meder


  • Animal Guides Meditation*

  • Archangel Travel Meditation*

  • Channeling Meditation

  • Connecting with a Loved One Meditation

  • Connecting with a Spirit Guide Meditation

  • Higher Self Meditation*

  • Familiar Spirit Meditation*

  • Lightning Rod Meditation

  • Mental Decluttering Meditation*

  • Merging with Your Guides Meditation

  • Plant Spirit Healing Meditation*

  • Spirit Guide Communication Meditation

  • Spirit Communication Meditation

  • Chakra Clearing Meditation

  • Chakra Clearing w/Crystals

  • Crown Chakra Opening Meditation

  • Third Eye Chakra Opening Meditation

  • Opening Your Heart Chakra Meditation

  • Solar Plexus Healing Meditation 1

  • Solar Plexus Healing Meditation 2*

  • Solar Scoop Meditation 

  • Sacral Chakra Cleanse Meditation

  • Root Chakra Meditation

  • Quick Chakra Closing Meditation

  • Chakra Scrub Meditation (deep cleaning)

  • A Clairvoyant Viewing Technique for Reading Objects Exercise

  • Clairvoyant Cleanse Meditation

  • Clairvoyant Viewing Screen Technique Meditation*

  • Identify Your Strongest Gifts Exercise

  • Psychic Strength Training Meditation

  • Angelic Attunement Meditation

  • Angel Sleep Meditation*

  • Quick Fix (Vibration Raising) Meditation

  • Manifesting Abundance Meditation (series of 3)

  • Mediumship Attunement Meditations (series of 3)

  • Raising Your Vibration Meditations (series of 3)

  • Shamanic Journey For Finding Out What You Love Meditation*

  • Soul Light Meditation*

  • Vibration Alignment Meditation

  • Violet Flame Meditation (Ascended Masters St Germain Exercise)*

  • Wolf Teacher Healer Meditation*

  • Armor Up Meditation

  • Aura Healing Meditation*

  • Balance-Cycling Meditation

  • Blue Pearl Meditation (yoga classic)*

  • Cord Cutting Meditation

  • The Daily Meditation*

  • Energy Cleanse Meditation

  • Energy Retrieval/Calling Back Your Energy Meditation

  • Grounding Meditation

  • Relationship Healing Meditation*

  • Soul Retrieval Meditation (available with and without music)*

  • Transmuting Energy Meditation

  • Total Space Clearing Meditation

  • Weekly Clearing Meditation

  • White Light Protection Meditation

  • Clairvoyant Manifestation Meditation

  • Fear Releasing Meditation

  • Future Life Meditation

  • Guided by the Moon Meditation

  • The Havingness Exercise

  • Holiday Survival Meditation

  • Like Sand Meditation

  • Past Life Meditation for Relationship Healing

  • Psychic Attack Relief Meditation

  • Redefining Your Purpose Meditation

  • Self Compassion Meditation*

  • Website Clearing Meditation

  • You get access to all of these meditations, plus articles, videos and a monthly lesson in The Membership Program archives as soon as you join.

    The meditation room is updated regularly and may include new files since the time of this writing.

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