20 Best Labor Day Deals on Amazon 2022 That Are Too Good to Pass Up


Listen up, holiday sales event skeptics: The best Labor Day deals on Amazon are already ahead of schedule and well worth your time. Yes, Labor Day is—somehow—once again around the corner and some of the craziest sales are well underway. But if none of those have made you any less dubious about the whole shebang, allow The ‘Zon to present its argument—mostly in the form of discounted leisurewear and tech that’ll make spending another weekend inside slightly less depressing, along with a whole bunch of premium eyewear from the likes of Ray-Ban and Oakley. (A savvy buy assuming, of course, you decide to actually venture outdoors.)

Looking for a neat little pick-me-up to tide you over until sale season kicks off in earnest? The best Labor Day deals on Amazon have you covered. Here’s everything we’re keeping an eye on right now. 

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