18 Fascinating Facts About Japan I Learned In Tokyo


Yes, that is a rabbit on a lead.

Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m a Brit living in London. I love to travel, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan!

I cast my mind back to my pre-COVID trip and put together a list of casual observations about Japan/Tokyo that I thought were worth mentioning.


There are these lorries that drive around loudly playing music, presumably for promotional purposes.

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

Check out this singing mouse that’s gotten so hammered, he’s passed out and lost his wig — what an icon!


There are certain restaurants where you can order via a vending machine!

Jemma Mills / BuzzFeed

The faster way to dine for any misanthrope.


You can buy sandwiches with the crusts already cut off!

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

TBH, I was not mad at these.


You often get a little basket in a restaurant to store your belongings in while you sit and eat.

Love this idea- in Japan all restaurants/coffee shops supply you with a basket when seated to put your handbag or shopping in safely and tidily.


If you didn’t already know, Japan likes to keep things ~neat~.


The traffic cones we saw were wayyy more exciting than ours.

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed, u/kinokokoro / Via reddit.com

Some light up, and some are even painted with faces and designs, like these Fuji-inspired cones at Kawaguchi station.


Some places have special slippers to wear in the toilet for hygiene reasons. I’m told people do the same at home!


People don’t just take their dogs for a walk!

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

It’s actually called a “hop” when it’s a rabbit.


Most stores in Tokyo will clip your shopping bag together with tape as a proof of purchase.

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

No, ma’am, you cannot wear this out of the store.


People cycle on the pavement as well as on the road.

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

My anxiety was at 110% for most of the trip.


Convenience stores have a truly wild range of drinks, including this fluorescent green melon soda, which I became addicted to.

Sam Cleal  / BuzzFeed, Georgeclerk / Getty Images

Other delectable beverages I enjoyed include cold milk tea, matcha latte, plum wine, and ALL OF THE CHU-HI — a flavoured highball cocktail made with a Japanese liquor called shōchū.


The whole country is obsessed with cute things — e.g., kittens, puppies, rabbits, mice.

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

I mean, I guess we already knew that, but I cannot stress enough how many adverts, products, and services are plastered with ~kawaii~ characters!


Train seats can be rotated in the direction of travel for your pleasure.

Bruno Stévant / Via youtube.com

Say sayōnara to travel sickness!


There are these flat wooden flip-flops called “geta” (similar to clogs) that Japanese people sometimes wear.


You can’t smoke just anywhere — there are these designated cages on the street for smokers.


Ninety-five percent of the toilets are ~super~ fancy, with lots of buttons to enhance your toilet-going experience!

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

Options include seat heating, bidet, karaoke, and ejector seat.


There are these “maid cafés” where young women dress up in maid outfits and serve you food and drink.


And finally, when a train pulls into a tube station, an adorable little jingle plays over the tannoy.

Bee32 / Getty Images

Depending on what line you’re on, the jingle changes!


Bonus — I HAD to include this point about masks, which I wrote back in 2019: And of course, everyone wears face masks, for reasons as diverse as wanting to avoid air pollution, allergens, or germs or even wanting to cover up a spot or blemish!

Sam Cleal / BuzzFeed

#TBT when masks were a huge novelty!

Anyway, hope to see you again soon, Japan!!! 🇯🇵♥️🇯🇵♥️🇯🇵

Have you ever been to Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan and noticed anything unusual or amazing? Let us know in the comments below!

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