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And when you release a person of their thoughts, if you need some distance, take it. Forgiving a person’s thoughts or absence of can also include loving them from a distance. 

4. Practice Dog Love

Dogs represent pure, positive energy.

They’re encouraging sources of joy, hope, and optimism for many humans on the planet. Dogs also represent unconditional love for those with whom they develop deep bonds.

It is possible for us to embrace and display this type of respect and love to those around us, and give the same gift of love to the people we care about. 

Start to provide love to others freely, even if just with your words, you begin to see how much of loving a person you can be. You can give loving support to those who don’t provide it back, too. 

It ends up being a gift to you, as it inspires you to have more positive thoughts of love about yourself and the world around, regardless of what is going on around you. 

5. Watch Your Thoughts

Minding your thoughts changes the way that you think about yourself, your reality, and even the situation you’re in.

It can also change the type and quality of relationships you have with others because it will change the kind of words and emotions that come out of your mouth.

Consciously watching and pivoting your thoughts as you have them can change the way the whole universe responds to you. 

Watching your thoughts change as the words that come out of your mouth and the emotions you feel, can change how the world spirals around you. 

Start by trying to talk to yourself the way a spiritual coach would. When you do this, you begin to see how encouraging you can be, and then you’ll start to spread this encouragement to others, which lights up the room around you. 

When the room around you changes in response to the way that you’re thinking, you start to see yourself and your purpose differently. 

This allows you to forgive yourself for anything that happened in the past, and you may begin to see yourself for who you indeed genuinely are. A loving and wise, complete being, who is also inspiring. 

6. Monitor Your Media

You are what you eat. This goes for what type of books, audios, and media you listen to and watch. The mental kind of material you take in can change the way you view the world and the way you see yourself and your life.

It can also affect the thoughts you have. 

What you absorb can increase or decrease stress levels, changing the way you feel about yourself, your body, and your life. Watching fearful or unkind media, music with an embedded scarcity mindset, reading books with suspense, can create feelings of instability.

This can impact your mood, your outlook, and how to respond to others.

It is much easier to love yourself when you surround yourself with loving influences. I like meditations for positive media, which is why I’ve created a whole archive of them in The Member’s Center on the website.

Meditation can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation. 

You may enjoy listening to peaceful classical and massage music soundtracks as you work or wind down. I also like mantras.

Pairing down on any media that gets your heart rate going with aggression can help promote a positive and loving mood about yourself and others. 

Though, noting this type of media has value. It can ignite passion and purpose for those working to advance and evolve experience on earth.

You simply may just want to reserve it for specific periods or for processing certain emotions.

Fiery media is often created in union with Archangels Uriel and Nathaniel, so even this, too, can be divine, just all in moderation. 

7. Essential Oils

Feelings of self non-love and non-joy can represent thought patterns that have existed for many years. 

Your environment could have shaped these thought patterns, the types of people you surround yourself with, or even the kind of media you heard as a child. 

Perhaps you grew up in a group where there was more bullying than you may have witnessed as average. 

Regardless of where thought patterns or belief systems arise, creating new habits is like attempting to carve a new road through the woods. 

It can be done.

At first, it can take a little bit of voluntary work and extra tools. Then, once the way is carved, the process gets easier each time you decide to take that same route. 

One of my favorite tools for helping to stimulate the brain to stay in happy new thoughts and emotions are essential oils.

I particularly like Citruses and Evergreens to help promote a positive mood and joy states. I’ve also mentioned over favorites I have in this post about getting motivated in the morning. 

Essential oils can enhance positive thinking about a situation and stimulate new ideas on ways you can love yourself.

8. Use Your Dreams As A Guide

Dreams can tell us a lot about where our subconscious mind spends its time and what we carry under the surface.

By not processing dreams, especially those about situations in the past, a cycle may be continuing to be activated under the surface, holding us off from feelings of ultimate peace and serenity.

You can release and process undercurrent dreams by taking steps in your life that promote peace, happiness, and love, and feelings of security.

For example, merely having food in the house can assist you in having a more positive dream state.  

When we look into our dreams, we can fully process our experiences and integrate our wisdom. Analyzing can help with letting go of waking cycles shown to us in dreams. 

Angelic support also can assist, as you can call them into your dreams to send you messages about what needs to be released.

You can welcome Angels into your home, identify your main Archangels who watch over you, or meditate and ask for assistance for what can support your dream life. 

I’ve written about a few things that can enhance your dream state here. Still, if you’d prefer to contact the Angelic yourself, if you’re in The Membership Program, I also have an Angel Sleep Meditation. 

9. Accept Where You Are

Wanting to change where you are is another way of looking at your life without love and seeing your current situation in the absence of joy. 

It’s natural to evolve and make plans to expand. 

Wishing to change where things have been is a way of devaluing the soul growth you’ve achieved and the thresholds of evolution you’ve since crossed and mastered.

Every event that has happened has gotten you here. And there is no way to change the past. We can learn from it and try to look at what it has to teach. 

Looking at the positives of your current environment can help you to accept where you are and allow yourself to learn and live on this earth.

Focus on just a few positives of where you currently are, then focus on how you see yourself in ten years, fully getting into the feeling of where you can be in ten years.

This act promotes feelings of acceptance and optimism about where things can go and cultivating gratitude for where things are now and where they’re going. 

10. Optimize Your Environment

All of us have environments and situations we are born into and grow from, creating the people that we are. We all have the resources in our environments that are different from the resources that others have in their situations. 

Start to notice the resources in your current environment. When you do this, you can begin the process of adapting and maximizing the type of support you have in the situation you live in to stretch these resources best.

A species who can make use of their resources is the definition of someone who carries resilience and is thriving.

What do you have in your situation now that you didn’t have ten years ago?

What about five years ago?

Any tools that you have now that you didn’t have before are resources we can focus on to make the best of our situation. 

Acknowledging these new resources, the small tools that you have around were manifested by you, and can also help to promote feelings of self-acceptance and love.

So to recap, to cultivate self-love and self-joy: 

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